Add-ons are a great way to enhance the functionality of the browser. They offer exciting features that would not otherwise be available. Adding them to the browser streamlines the browsing experience.

There are many extensions available to Opera users that serve different purposes, such as blocking ads, creating to-do lists, taking instant screenshots, and more.

Similarly, you must install some extensions on your browser to increase your productivity. There are hundreds of options, but we’re going to look at five of the best.

1. Language Tools

LanguageTool is a handy grammar checker extension that acts as your assistant, catching grammar errors and preventing spelling errors in your text.

Since you no longer need to manually check each line for grammar errors, the extension will surely increase your productivity. The extension works with almost every website and works when you start typing text or start composing an email.

Apart from checking grammar and correcting spelling errors, it also offers tips to improve your writing. The extension simplifies text by adding more appropriate synonyms, choosing complex sentences, and grouping them into easy-to-navigate parts.

It can catch typos in over 25 languages, making it a better choice than other widely recognized grammar checking tools, like Grammarly.

Having a large number of supported languages ​​allows bilinguals to detect grammar mistakes without having to switch between translation extensions.

Even though the extension is not as popular as other Grammarly extensions, it cares about the privacy of the users. When checking grammar, the connection it makes remains encrypted, and no third parties can access your documents.

As a result, you can compose your own confidential emails without any security concerns.

Thus, it has the necessary features to improve your writing communication or make your official documentation free of grammatical errors. Do try it.

2. LastPass

LastPass is a password-management extension that takes the burden off your memory. From saving the usernames and passwords for your favorite websites to the credit card information you use for online shopping, LastPass remembers it all.

Upon landing on the website, it automatically fills in the login credentials, so you don’t need to remember long and complicated passwords.

Likewise, it’s helpful to save your credit card information when trying to get a permanent discount. When you reach the checkout page, it automatically fills in all the required information to help you make quick purchases.

Considering the confidentiality of the information stored, LastPass ensures that the data remains private and secure. To make your passwords harder to crack, LastPass monitors the passwords you set and suggests ways to make them stronger.

If your data is compromised in a data breach, LastPass notifies you to change your saved passwords in a timely manner. Furthermore, by enabling multifactor authentication, the extension ensures that no prying eyes can peek at your information.

Since the extension is available in most browsers, your data will remain consistent and easily accessible. When using a shared computer, you can prevent others from using your credentials by setting a master password for your vault.

By quickly filling in your saved information with LastPass, you’ll save both time and effort and be more productive as a result.

3. MetaTranslations

A handy translator is essential in this era of digital globalization. When communicating with cross-border customers or trying to pronounce specific words, MateTranslate streamlines the communication process.

When you travel on non-country roads or visit a website in another language, the extension will translate the word or page for you as soon as you click.

MateTranslate makes you more productive by enabling you to check the meanings of different words on the same page, saving you the effort of switching between multiple windows. However, if you prefer, you can also use other browser tools to translate web pages.

Providing support for 103 languages ​​and the ability to save your custom list of words, MateTranslate makes learning a new language easy. It’s also possible to sync custom data across multiple devices, so it’s easy to track where you left off.

Thus, whether you are learning a new language, working with colleagues overseas, or enrolled in a distance learning program at a non-native institution, MateTranslate can save you time translating phrases.

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