Instagram has improved its login methods and security measures to keep your account safe from hackers. It allows you to enable verification steps, perform detailed security checks, inspect and even clear your login activity.

Instagram Login Activity is a feature that enables you to check where your account is or is logged in. It also shows maps and device names to help you remember whether the login was done by you or not.

In this article, we will show you how to check and clear your login activities on Instagram.

How to check and clear your Instagram login activity from mobile

The Instagram app is primarily designed for mobile use. These easy steps will help you check your login activities on your iPhone or Android device.

Log in to your Instagram account to open the home page.

Click on the circle containing your profile picture at the bottom right of the app to open your profile.

From your profile, click on the three horizontal bars at the top right of the app to open a new menu and select Settings.

Tap Security in the new menu to open the list of Instagram security features.

You will get the option of Login Activity under Password. Click on Login Activity to open the details of your currently active sessions.

Instagram also asks you whether it was you or not.

Under what was it you? In the section, you will find maps with the device as well as the exact location of the login.

If you recognize the activity, click This Was Me, and Instagram will ask you to confirm the device.

If the device/location on the map is unknown, click It was not me. Since it is a threat that the account could be hacked, Instagram requests to change the password as a preventive measure.

Where you’re logged in gives you details about your currently active sessions and the devices that previously accessed the account.

Click on the three dots in front of each session to end unwanted active sessions.

It is also possible to access Instagram through your mobile browser to check and clear login activities. This method is similar to clearing your login activity from PC as shown below.

Check and Clear Your Instagram Login Activity from PC

Although Instagram was primarily designed for mobile use, its PC version has improved and viewership has improved significantly. People can also access and use Instagram from their system without any glitches.

To check and clear login activity via PC or Laptop, log in to your Instagram account. This will open the home page. From here, click the circle containing your profile picture in the top right to open a drop-down menu.

For unknown devices or locations, choose It Wasn’t Me. Unrecognized devices may indicate that your Instagram is logged in somewhere it shouldn’t. That’s why it requests you to change the password. After changing the password, your Instagram will be logged out from all other devices.

The Where You’re Logged In section lists devices that can access your account. It also shows the last active time and location.

Stay Safe with Instagram Login Activity Features

Instagram has updated its security system by adding many features. Checking Instagram login activity lets you see where your account is or is logged in. It also gives you the name of the logged-in device and the location on the map.

With these features that compliment Instagram, you are sure to feel safe while using the app.

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