There are several reasons why you might want to stay away from Google Translate. Sure, the translation service may be one of the most popular in the world, but it isn’t always the most accurate or feature-rich translation service to exist.

Or perhaps you want to distance yourself from Google’s ecosystem, and who can blame you?

Regardless of why you might want to look for an alternative, there are plenty of online translation services out there that aren’t great. Luckily, here are four of the best for you to consider.

1. Deepali

First on the list comes DeepL, an online translation service that has been gaining popularity over the years.

DeepL began life as a project created by a German start-up, but has since grown into potentially the most accurate and reliable translation service currently available.

Although DeepL only supports 26 languages ​​at the time of writing this article, the languages ​​it supports are done with an incredible amount of precision. The key here is an AI and deep-learning focused approach to language translation as opposed to more traditional methods.

In addition to more accurate translations than what Google offers, DeepL also has a number of useful features that are worth noting. While it may not be a browser tool for translating web pages, instead it only exists online, it is still incredibly useful.

For example, DeepL provides multiple translations for any phrase, which may be more or less correct in the context of the phrase you are translating. You can rate translations by accuracy, as well as listen to them to get an idea of ​​what a translation would sound like if a native speaker could say it.

If you do a lot of translations and disagree with a recurring phrase, you can manually override in your personal vocabulary so that DeepL always translates the text you like. You can also set the tone of the translation between formal and informal, although this feature is only available to users who purchase a premium subscription.

If you want to translate entire documents, DeepL can help you with that too, and supports PDF, DOCX, and PPTX file types for automatic translation.

2. Reverso

Next on this list comes Reverso, one of the longest running competitors for Google Translate. Reverso exists as a full language translation suite, which includes dictionary and grammar checking functionality, although the focus here is on its instant translation service.

As you can imagine, Reverso works like Google Translate. You choose your language pairs and then type or copy some text for the service to translate.

Reverso supports only 18 languages ​​in its app, but the variety of translations isn’t where Reverso shines. Instead, ease of use is where Reverso dominates.

For example, if you’re translating a language like French that has a lot of accents that might be missing from your own keyboard, Reverso offers you easy-to-access text at the bottom of the translation window.

If you’re unsure how to get your grammar right, there’s a grammar check function to make sure you haven’t made any simple mistakes.

What’s really cool here is that Reverso includes a rephrase option that gives you a list of alternative phrases that might sound more natural than the words you type.

If you are confused about the translation provided by Reverso, you will be pleased to know that it also has an automatic reference dictionary that will show you examples of whether the translated or original phrases were used in real texts so that you can phrase A better idea of ​​the language behind it.

3. Microsoft Translator

While Google Translate can be popular and useful as an online translator, at times you may need translation services in your pocket. Despite the many options out there for online translators you can use in the real world, Microsoft Translator is excellent on iOS and Android.

The app itself is largely broken down into two functions. If you need to translate a phrase, you can type or paste text into the text translator, which will automatically detect your language. Then there are the options to have the app speak it out loud if you need it.

However, Microsoft Translator stands out in its other features. You can use your microphone to translate your speech if you need to, and even set up the phone so that you can interact with other people in the real world completely through the app. can do

You can do this by hitting the Split option here, which will automatically translate phrases back and forth as if you were having a real conversation. Microsoft Translator can also do this automatically with its Auto mode.

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