Microsoft is keen to make Defender the best solution for Windows users and to help with that, it is getting a small but powerful update to its services. The company has quietly rolled out a new feature that allows Microsoft Defender to block vulnerable drivers from harming your computer.

Microsoft Defender’s new driver blocking feature

David Weston, Vice President of OS Security and Enterprise for Microsoft, shared the new feature on his Twitter page. In the tweet, you can see the new options in the Windows Settings menu.

The new feature is called “Microsoft Vulnerable Driver Blocklist” and is a technical way to protect people from bad drivers. As per the screenshot, the feature also comes with an on and off switch, so that you can get rid of it if needed.

Why is Microsoft targeting drivers?

It may seem strange that Microsoft is adding this new driver-focused feature. After all, what harm can a driver do? They’re all small files you download when you buy new hardware.

Unfortunately, some drivers have bad vulnerabilities. And in the wrong hands, these flaws can allow hackers to damage people’s computers or systems.

It’s easy to assume that this only happens in the hands of unskilled or small companies, but in reality, weak drivers can come from anywhere. Back in January 2021, NVIDIA rolled out patches for some serious driver exploits that allowed hackers to perform denial of service attacks, among other things.

As such, with this new feature, Microsoft aims to keep Windows users safe from potential driver exploits. Let’s hope it works well and doesn’t become a pain for its users.

A Safe Windows for All

Microsoft is now adding vulnerable driver blocking to its Defender solution. And seeing as how AV-TEST has given Microsoft Defender some great reviews in the past, we’ll have to see if that feature helps elevate it further.

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